Friday, April 4, 2014

Family + Austin = Faustin (or Keep Austin Weird Like Me!!)

I don't have a lot of all.  So when I have the opportunity to spend time with some it's a sweet thing.  Broc and I grew up together from diapers until around age 12 or so.  Our Dad's were cousins and the best of friends. He currently lives in Austin, Texas...which now happens to be one of my most favorite US cities!  Thank you, cousin, for showing us your city and for making time for us.  Love you!

Here's Austin!!

People in Austin LOVE to wait in line for their food!  They even count the steps til they get there!

Salt Lick's either this or B.Y.O.B to the barbecue

The Barbecue!!

Broc and Eric at the Chuggin Monkey on 6th

Austin is also known for their music...I like the purple one!

Lot's of mural's in Austin...I want to photograph more on my next trip

Okay...not the best artwork upon immediately entering a bar, especially when you've had a couple cocktails!

New bar on Rainey Street called Container Bar... made up of old shipping containers...pretty cool!

LOVE the rental bikes!  Just hope I don't get the same one the naked guy rides!

Food trucks everywhere!

This kitty was craving some food truck too!

The bars on Rainey are old houses that they've converted...this is the backyard of one

Craft Pride...Eric finally found a local beer he liked!

Loved the decor in Craft...HUGE, thick, wooden bar and a big state of Texas on the ceiling

The 16oz from the glass reflected into the beer

Another food truck on Rainey

Met the sweetest bow-tie wearing bartender at Half Step who custom made us these cocktails based on our likes and dislikes

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
Grandpa Munster on the sidewalk on South Congress....yes, please keep Austin weird!

South Congress Cafe...great brunch!

I did say I wanted to see an armadillo!

And Eric HAD to buy a pair of boots from Allens

  Always drink upstream from the herd.-- Will Rogers

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