Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Champ?

Don't get used to this 2 blogs in a row stuff!  I just happened to do something this evening kind of worth blogging about.  Usually my weeknights consist of The Bachelor or The Real Housewives (don't judge me).

But tonight, oh tonight.  I've been driving past a new addition to our neighborhood for a couple of months now...telling myself that I need to get in there and give it a try.  And tonight I got my ass in gear and did it.

I went boxing.

And I learned that boxing is not for me.

Well, let me quantify that statement.  The actual boxing portion of it was quite fun.  I was using new muscles.  I was getting out some aggressions.  I was feeling quite "tough" and "rough" and, perhaps even "scary"!  A force to be reckoned with!


Wait, back to reality.  There was more running, squatting, push-ups, burpees, jumping-jacks, and mountain climbers than there was boxing.

Yes, yes, I'm the same girls who completed 60 days of Insanity.  BUT!  (and this is a big but...not MY butt...be clear) BUT, that was in the privacy of my own home.  Which means I could look stupid and only the cat and dog (and occasionally Eric) could see.  It was in the privacy of my own home where I could sit down in a chair and curse at Shaun T while he urged me on.

Tonight, however, was in front of others.  There was a REAL "Shaun T" telling me to punch harder, jump higher, squat lower.  <sigh>

Well, I can say I did it.  And that's about all I can say.  Other than the moon in the purple sky was a nice sight to walk out to! Oh...and I supposedly burned over a thousand calories...cheers to that!

In case you're interested:
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