Monday, January 13, 2014

My First Photography Convention

First, I haven't blogged since 4/21/ much for THAT New Year's resolution!!

Second, I have to give a shout out to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for RECOGNIZIN' Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston last night!  Woo hoo!

Finally, the matter at hand, it's a new year and a time to recommit!

I haven't even thought of blogging for quite some time.  What I do think of is my photography.  So, this weekend I went downtown to attend the Imaging USA photography convention.

 In my opinion, this conference was more for the portrait photographer.  They had a lot of information and sales geared toward lighting, backdrops, props, etc.  However, some of it did apply to my preference of photography...architecture, landscape, macro, etc.

 I picked up a lot of information on printing.  There are so many different types of paper, canvas, block, etc.


I heard a lot of advice regarding blogging.  Blog, blog, and blog some more!  Even if no one is commenting on your blog and you feel that no one is reading  Key words are...well, key!  Someone may be searching for 'photo paper' right now and if I make that a key word (since I mention it here) it could get them to my blog, which in turn could get them to my Etsy site.  By the way, my Etsy site can be found at  ;0)

I did a lot of dreaming!  Oh the lenses money can buy!  Now I just need to start playing that damn lottery!


 But in the end, I only purchased a pretty new camera strap and a camera pouch to just drop my camera into when I'm not using it. 

And I scored lots of swag!

        I'd say that overall it was a great day!

Some links to some of my favorite photography places:

Imaging USA
Bay Photo
Mod Camera Straps

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