Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 10 - Double Digits / Beautiful Brittany

Day 10 Blog accompanied by Bee Photography photos based on Photography Adventure Club daily theme of 'Celebration'

Celebration of Life
Well, today was day 10 of my Bikram yoga 30 day challenge!  I'm into the double digits now!  Yay for me!  10 down...20 to go!  And once again I'm writing about my 'tough' instructor, who taught tonight's class.  You may remember that this time last week I felt picked on by her and brought to tears by the end of class.  I was dreading her class this evening.  She is a by-the-book Bikram instructor.  She takes every word of Bikram Choudhury to heart.  She can do every pose perfectly and seems to expect the same of her class.  She will call you out if you're not doing it correctly and toss the rare compliment if you happen to do it perfectly.  That's why I'm on cloud 9 tonight...I received FOUR...count them...1- 2- 3- 4... "Beautiful, Brittany!" comments from her tonight!

Wedding Celebration
It turns out that she is also a school teacher.  And just as I have been from kindergarten on, I am that student who wants to do her best and please the teacher.  So, as tough as she is, her approval has become important to me.  I want her to be proud of my poses.  And tonight was the best class I've had so far!

It's a nice turnaround from a tough weekend.  I strained my neck on Friday during rabbit pose and had to set out a couple poses for 2 days.  But tonight I came back like a true yogi!  :0)  I currently have delusions of grandeur that I can become a Bikram instructor!  I finally have most of the rules down (or so I think...it seems new ones pop up every few days depending on the instructor):
Indy 500 Celebration

1.  Breath through the nose; close your mouth.
2.  Heels together toes fall to the side.
3.  Arch your back, way back!
4.  Lock your knees!  Lock your knees!  Lock. Your. Knees!
5.  Keep your eyes open during Savasana.
6.  Try not to use your towel to wipe off sweat.
7.  Don't drink water between poses.
8.  Touch your chin to your chest.
9.  Get into Savasana as quickly as possible!
10.  Touch your forehead to your knees.
11.  Toes together heels fall open.
12.  Look at yourself in the mirror...don't even blink.
13.  Breath through your nose!
14.  Lock your knees, lock your knees, final chance...LOCK YOUR KNEES!

Okay, okay, there's much more to being a great instructor I realize.  And I suppose I should first become a great student!  I'm just on a Bikram high at the moment.  Another great class of connecting with my body, mind, and soul.  I can promise you there will be a night soon enough where I can't touch my forehead to my knee and will be scolded...if not by the instructor than by my own self.  But until that night I'm going to float on the high of "Beautiful, Brittany" for just a bit longer.

A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves.
T. Guillemets

Celebrating Halloween in the Big Apple

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