Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Cuba Day 5 - Havana to Trinidad

Sadly it was our last morning in Havana.  We had a driver coming to collect us at the hotel between 2:00 and 2:30 to take us to Trinidad.  We got all of our bags packed, checked out of our room, left our luggage with the bell boy, and went to explore more of Havana one last time.

There was a flea market going on in the plaza near the hotel on this beautiful Sunday morning.  I found a Spanish Hemingway book that I brought home with me.

This guy was making money by selling photo-ops of his cute dogs!  I'm a sucker!

Next we walked back over to the fort and took some photos.

Then we decided to grab a drink at a nautical themed bar I had read about called Nao. We sat outside and people watched for a bit.

Dog in the alley (he was breathing - I checked!)

Men playing music - on a jawbone!  Nao in background.


The turkey drink stirrer still cracks me up!

After a cocktail we walked across the street to the Malecon.


Then we headed toward a little cafe I had read about.

Colors of Havana

Cristal in the window

A half eaten dinner roll?

The cafe was closed but it was on a very artsy alley and we found a really adorable place to have mojitos and cerveza

And enjoy the company of this gato

I heard roosters and saw men down the way a bit so I went to check it out. At first I was certain they were about to sacrifice the rooster!  But I found out from our bartender that they were preparing them for a cock fight by cutting off their red combs (I mean...nearly as bad).

I walked around the alley a bit and found some interesting art.  I even bought a photo from a Cuban photographer who had some great work in his shop.

Wrought iron art

Kitty and a planter

This makes me think of Silence of the Lambs!  LOL


We decided we wanted some food and thought we would see if our favorite 304 O'Reilly was open for lunch so we set off in that direction.

304 was too full and they weren't allowing anyone else inside, so we just popped into a little sports bar next door and ate something that tasted great but was the beginning of my stomach issues...or perhaps it was the ice accumulated over the days.  I don't know...but it wasn't fun.

We headed back to our hotel to wait for our driver and there was a group of stilt dancers out front.  They were so much fun to watch!

Back in the lobby of the Hotel Ambos Mundos I let the Concierge know that we were waiting on a driver to take us to Trinidad and pointed out where we were sitting.  A little after 2pm she came over with a driver, who spoke no English, and said he was there to take us to our Casa Particular in Trinidad.  I knew we were traveling with another couple so we met the young Irish couple and we all dragged our luggage through the streets to our driver's car.  It took a bit of Tetris but we finally got the luggage in the trunk and off we went on this four hour drive.  A little less than two hours into the drive we heard a "pop" and our driver pulled off the road.  Apparently his gas line had broken from the gas pedal.  He got on his cell phone and spoke in very fast Spanish to someone and we soon determined that there was another car coming for us.  Until then, he released the clutch and we coasted down the road at about 5mph, being passed by other cars, horses, bicycles, etc.  And really not 100% sure what was going on due to the language barrier!  Luckily we were all good humored about it and each time something passed us we burst into laughter and so did the driver!  LOL!  He then got a phone call where he turned around and asked if I was Brittany.  Yes.  But that's all I got.  Finally another driver appeared and both cars pulled to the side of the road while we changed out cars.  This driver did not speak English either, but he, too, received a phone call and asked if I was Brittany.

Sunset in the tobacco fields

Just hanging out, trying to get to Trinidad!

It didn't take long to figure out, however, that all of our luggage was NOT going to fit in this trunk!  Luckily our newest driver had a piece of rope and he was able to tie the trunk down.  And off we went.

Another two hours later (at least) we pulled up to the Irish couple's hotel.  As they were getting their luggage a third driver pulled up and informed us that he was our original driver and Eric and I should have been with him from the beginning!  We got into his car and he drove us less than 5 minutes to our casa particular, Casa los Mangos.  Fiona, the owner, was there and so relieved to see us nearly two hours later than she expected!  She had learned of the error earlier and that's what the phone calls had been about.  LOL!

We met her husband, Ossiel, and they showed us to our room and had a welcome daiquiri for us.

Our room

Awesome daiquiri!

Eric and I freshened up a bit and walked the 10 or 15 minute walk into the center of Trinidad to find a place for dinner.  We both had upset tummy's and didn't want anything too crazy.

We found this little pub with open doors for good people watching

They even had some "bodka" for me!

Spaghetti with a Mexican-type sauce - it was delicious!

Eric had chicken and veggies

Thus completes our very humorous journey from Havana to Trinidad!  A trip that should have lasted four hours but was closer to six!  Stay tuned for more on our time in Trinidad and with Fiona and Ossiel.

"Adventure is worthwhile."  ~Aesop

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