Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall-ish in New England

I recently had the opportunity to drive through upstate New York, down through Vermont and New Hampshire, and into Boston.  Of course, even though it was a work trip, I had my camera in tow. I was so excited to see the Fall colors of that region!  Funny how things work, though.  I would be driving on the Interstate and the sun would be shining and the colors were phenomenal!  Vibrant reds like I've never seen, oranges and yellows, so beautiful. But as soon as I would find a place to pull off the views were either blocked or it would begin to rain.  I did my best to capture what I could.  But I definitely want to visit again on my own personal time and get some better photos!

Building in a park in Saratoga Springs - I liked the puppy statues!

Saratoga Springs is a big horse racing town

I did get some Fall colors - on the ground!

Water droplets - don't get that in Phoenix much!

I made a friend!  (with the help of some pistachio's)

Lake George

Clouds over Lake George, upstate New York

Quaint little walkout to Lake George

More water droplets

Here I pulled off the side of the road and had to shoot over a fence - just to capture what color I could!

The colors were so vibrant!

I took a ferry over to Vermont and drove through Vermont and New Hampshire - this was somewhere in Vermont

I visited a dear friend in New Hampshire and we took a walk where I found some mushrooms growing!

This is a pond near her home

We stopped at a little shop where she bought some apples and I took a couple pics

This old barn is being refurbished by a friend of hers

Inside the barn

View from the house next to the barn - that doesn't suck!

We found a field with some Fall colors

I nearly stepped on this guy while taking pictures!

Covered bridge in New Hampshire

We met a woman who was out walking her sheep in her little cute!

Then we ran into some goats!

And chipmunks!

And kitties!

One of my appointments was in Hyannis, MA - it was sunny in Boston but cold and blustery in Hyannis

Memorial to JFK in Hyannis Port

Hyannis Port, MA

Sailboats in Hyannis Port

Holocaust memorial in Boston

Oldest tavern in Boston - The Bell In Hand - original cobblestone roads

Bird on a bench - just because

Quincy Market

Fast food lobster - for reals!

Inside Quincy Market

Union Oyster House since 1826

Decorative cross-walk!

Neptune Oyster - final dinner in Boston and it was delicious!

Reflections of North End

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."  ~Emily Bronte

"No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face."  ~John Donne



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