Sunday, October 26, 2014

Arizona Off-Roading Adventures

Eric has fairly recently gotten into Jeep off-roading and last week I thought I'd take my second, more aggressive, ride with him.  And what a ride it was!  One thing I will say is that it's a large community of people who do this and everyone we came across was very nice.  But next time I think I'll opt for a shorter trip!

Here we go!  Out by Lake Pleasant.

I had to stop and take in the view

Awesome cloud

The road we came in on
So, in this photo, we could take the "normal" road on the right, or we could take the "off-road" on the left.  Guess which one Eric picked?!

Beautiful Fall colors!

One of the Jeeps we pulled over to help said this creek was the halfway point. Only halfway?!  Yikes!

This couple were well known in the off-roading community.  They were high school sweethearts who had recently reunited and married in March.  The following month their Jeep went over the embankment above and landed right here...killing them both and leaving 4 kids behind.  Very sad.  And it only added to my scare factor!  John and Lisa Mendoza

This is where the Jeep went off and straight down.

View from my seat

Just taking in the view of our beautiful state

Lots of dust on my favorite mug!

More dust

More beautiful Fall colors

I still love the randomness of cows roaming the streets in Arizona!


And then the sun began to go down...

And the colors were stunning.

Cactus in the foreground of a beautiful sunset

"Make the dust, don't eat the dust."
~author unknown

"I think I peed a little."
~Brittany Wright

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