Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Winter" in Phoenix

Tulips in my front yard
I'm sorry to rub it in.  I do feel bad for all of you digging out of the snow, building fires, scraping windshields, putting on layers.  I do!  I used to be you!  I endured the cold Indiana winters for 35 years of my life!  And I hated Every. Single. Minute!  So, am I really gloating??  Or am I just verbally (annoyingly?) thankful for what I have now?!  And thankful, I am!  Driving down the road today I reminded Eric how very lucky we are to live where we do: in the United States; in the beautiful and varying terrain of Arizona; and in the warm, entertaining city of Scottsdale. 

Beer and sangria
And I tried to make the best of this beautiful weekend...because goodness knows ya'll will be gloating to me in the middle of summer when I'm dealing with 115 degree heat!

Our Friday ended (and our weekend began) with a lovely tapas dinner with our friends, Scott and Johanna.  There was live salsa music, great food, and fun company!

Paella at Tapas Papa Frita

On Saturday I finally made it to the visiting Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit at the Heard museum.  My friend, Jennie, and I were surprised to learn that it was also the weekend of the Native American Hoop Dancing contest at the Heard.  What a fun and unexpected photo-op!

Unfortunately they did not allow photos in the O'Keeffe exhibit but trust me when I tell you it was wonderful.  It was unlike any of her work I had seen previously.  I have seen a lot of her southwest themed pieces...but there were several Kachina doll paintings I wasn't aware of.  Jennie and I shared the same favorite painting of a Kachina doll in the snow.  Afterward, we enjoyed a wonderful brunch at Switch where we got a chance to catch up on each others lives.  Much needed.

Finally, today, on this beautiful Sunday, Eric and I went to OHSO Brewery (along with 200 other Phoenicians) and had brunch.  Again, good food, good sangria, and good company!  We ended our lovely afternoon with a cocktail at the old inn, Lon's at the Hermosa, and took a stroll on their beautiful grounds.

And I can't forget to mention that I had the chance to catch up on the phone with my BFF this weekend as well!  I can it get any better??  A weekend of sunshine, friends, food, adult beverages, and hoop dancing!  I hope you all stay warm or book a trip to visit me!!

The hoop dancer dances within what encircles him, demonstrating how the people live in motion within the circling spirals of time and space. They are no more limited than water and sky. At green corn dance time, water and sky come together, in Indian time, to make rain.
~ Paula Gunn Allen

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