Thursday, August 16, 2012

'When Harry Met Sally' and Other Reminisces

I was asked today if I had any male friends, and if so, if it was a problem for Eric.  My response?  "Yes, I do!  Er...I did.  Back in Indiana."  And in a saddening voice I replied that, to my knowledge, Eric had no issues with it.  And the sadness has gone on from there for the remainder of my day; missing my friends; missing my youth. 

Greg T and Me at Average Joe's
I suppose it's a combination of getting older (not OLD...just oldER) and now being across the country from my "first" friends.  The longer I am in another state, the further apart we grow.  Blame can't really be placed on anyone (for the most part).  Life happens.  Time differences hinder the matter.  And typically the once a month phone calls or weekly FB check-ins or bi-weekly e-mails suffice.  But then there are days like today,  where I would love to own a travel machine that could transport me to Indianapolis in the blink of an eye.

Robbie and Me at Average Joe's after Indy 500

What I wouldn't give to have the old crew back at Average Joe's, my local hangout.  Robbie behind the bar, Greg T and Greg D and myself bellied up to the bar with NTN boards in front of us...serious competition.  We would sit there for hours as others flitted in and out through the night.  Me and my boys. 

Robbie behind the bar on St. Patty's Day

Greg and I had been playing NTN and Lisa and Stacie joined us

I met two of my best girlfriends right there at that bar...Lisa and Angela.  Friends for life, I can promise you that.

Angela and Me at Average Joe,s (Robbie flipping us off!)

Myself and Lisa at Average Joe's

Everyone who worked there became friends to me.  Cowboy, Happy Lisa, Hot Candice, Dana, Bruce, Dave, Austin....too many to name.  We all took a trip to Vegas one weekend...I think myself and the two Greg's were the only two non-employees who went!  LOL!  It was my first time to Vegas and I couldn't have picked a better group to go with.

Angela, Kassie, Lisa, and Me at Average Joe's

Then there were the nights that my girls and I would get gussied up and go out dancing.  Curly, Lisa, Angela, Sandy, Pamela, Taylor, Blonde.  We had some WILD nights in Broadripple!  Oh, to be that age again...just for a weekend!  The secrets we all have on one another are so fun!!  Those were the best times of my life.  I wouldn't change any of it for anything.

Me...singing and much fun!!

Me, Curly, and Angela celebrating my birthday at Average Joe's

Me, Sandy, Curly, and Pamela heading out on Halloween

Of course, I also can never imagine moving back to Indiana.  I love Arizona so much.  And I love the friendships that I'm (finally) building here.  Karen, Kristi, Jennie, and Danielle have been Godsends...true friends.  I really needed to find that here, especially after my horrible, unspeakable "friendship" with Randie.  That one about did me in on making real friends here.

Karen, Jennie, Kristi, and Me at Narcisse Champagne Lounge

Danielle, Karen, and Me on Spa Day!

I am looking forward to bringing (some of) these two groups of friends together in a couple of months in Napa.  I hope my Curly can make it!!  I look forward to creating new memories and sharing new secrets.  Wine country may be a far cry from the college bars, but we must age gracefully, right?!

As for my male friends back in Indiana, I miss being your little sister.  I keep hoping you'll come out for a visit.  I hope you know how much I love you Robbie and Talley.  And, to answer that age-old question, we were always 'just' friends.  Even better, we were/are family.

Me and my Big Brother, Talley

Just a few of my friends who came to my AWESOME going away party held at Average Joes

**And now, going through photos on my computer, I realize that most of my memories are printed and in albums...back before digital!  I must work on that!**

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  1. lots of fun memories! Thanks for sharing!