Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hello Blog World!

I set up this blog page a year ago.  One year.  Can you say 'procrastination'?!  I blame it on television.  That damn boob tube sucks up too much of my time.  But I find those Housewives addictive!  Anyhoo, here I am!  What finally urged me to post, you may ask?  Changes.  I'm trying to make some changes in my life at the moment.  It may be a fleeting moment, I'll admit.  But maybe, just maybe, if I put some of it out there in the world for others to witness I will stick with some of the changes. 

Change Number One.  Drinking.  Or, more accurately, NOT drinking.  I am a wino.  I love the stuff.  I love to come home after a long day at work and pour a big cold glass of Chardonnay and watch my Housewives.  And then pour another big cold glass and watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette.  So on and so forth.  However, as of today it has been 6 days since my last alcoholic beverage and I feel pretty good about it.  I didn't make a decision to just kinda happened.  And I have no intentions of staying sober (ie: boring?) forever.  Let's just say wine and I are taking a break in our relationship.  So, that change, timed with a FB post a friend made about a Bikram yoga challenge, kind of went hand in hand! 

Change Number Two.  Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge.  Now, my friends and family may think that giving up alcohol might be the bigger challenge here.  I, on the other hand, fear this hot, sweaty, stinky, intense, body-twisting yoga challenge more.  I mean, let's think about this a minute:  I'm to put on small, tight, clothes (oh Lord help my fellow Yogis!), go from 112 degree Phoenix weather into a 'cool' 105 degree yoga studio, do poses I haven't done in 7 years, for NINETY minutes.  Why?  Why am I doing this?  Well, I need to lose some of my wine weight; it's said to be a good detox for the body; I always enjoyed (cold) yoga; and the challenge came right at a time where I had decided to stop drinking...perfect timing.  Oh, and I'm a crazy redhead who likes to try new adventures!

Change Number Three.  Blogging.  So, as I mentioned previously, I've been meaning to blog for some time now.  A few years ago I had a job where I was traveling all over the US.  I had every intention of blogging about my experiences in LA, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, DC, etc.  It really pisses me off that I didn't do that.  I didn't even keep a journal.  Shame on me.  So, while those blog posts may have been a little more entertaining than everyday life in Phoenix, I am finally doing it.  Hopefully I will have SOME travels to post about in my near future.  A trip to Napa is planned for October!

Change Number Four.  More Photography.  Lately, between the heat and trying to learn LightRoom, I have been taking fewer pictures and spending more time editing the ones I have.  I'd like to challenge myself to take more photos.  I tried a photo-a-day last year but that only lasted a week or so.  We'll see how this one goes.  You, my 'loyal readers' (please note I have NO followers as I write this) may grow bored of photos of my cat and dog every day and I'd hate to lose you before I even get you!

Change Number Five.  Therapy.  Yes, I've said it.  I've put it out there with no shame.  I'm thinking of finding a therapist.  I won't divulge too much here other than to say...I'd love to pay someone to listen to me bitch for a solid hour!!!  And it might make for a fun blog post afterwards!

Okay, that's enough for today.  In fact, this is pretty monumental!  A new blog and FIVE life changes!  Wish me luck!  I begin Bikram in the morning!!


  1. Very impressive list of goals! So excited to see what comes next - And I get to have the honor of being your first follower!

    Now come to California so we can go take a few SIM cards worth of photos!

  2. Yay! My first follower! :0)

    Actually...can you make a girls trip to Napa for the weekend of 10/19?! The more girls the cheaper the cost!